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We're Growing with You
We're continuing to improve the look and feel of LbGo to help you grow your online business. We've streamlined our site to be more powerful and easier to navigate. Our new design and personalized tools make it easy to get things done quickly. Check back here often for the latest updates about new LbGo features and services.

  New at LbGo

New Navigation and My Toolbox -- our new design makes it easier to get around LbGo, and My Toolbox lets you check your site quickly and easily.

Ask an Expert -- get real advice from real people in our Ask an Expert area, powered by Tap into free expert advice in more than 2,000 subject categories. Become an expert and gain exposure for your business and Web site.

  New Navigation

Links you use every day -- like the Home page, Account page and Help section -- are always just a click away.

Our new navigation makes it easier to get around LbGo. The site is divided into four main sections -- Web Site Hosting, member web site tools, help center and feedback section.

The left-hand column on the Web site shows you which section you are in and displays a list of the additional topics in that section.

My Toolbox is designed to get you where you need to go quickly. Check your LbGo e-mail and site stats, and manage your site -- all with the click of a mouse.

Click on My Information at the bottom of My Toolbox to expand the toolbox. You'll see all your  related site information at a glance.

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Click around and then tell us what you think by contacting us at

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