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Welcome to LbGo! We're ready to help you get your Web site up and running as quickly and easily as possible. This page provides an overview of the steps you'll need to take to publish your Web site on LbGo.

To begin, sign up for your free account with LbGo and enjoy the benefits of membership today, including 20MB of free disk space and site traffic driving resources.

 1) Build Your Web Site

To build your Web site, you can write your own HTML or use an HTML editor or Web publishing program such as Microsoft FrontPage or Netcape Composer (or another HTML program).
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Whether you're a professional web programmer, casual user of site editors like Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe PageMill or just about anybody else faced with the task of creating a new website design from scratch, QuickSiteŽ Web site Templates have a precreated design, just for you.

Once you've created your pages, save the file as 'index.html' (without quotes and case sensitive). This will allow you to upload your pages to a LbGo server. Please see the next step.

 2) Upload Your Web Pages to LbGo

When you sign up for a LbGo Web hosting account, you'll be able to access your account from At this point you'll only be able to see your directory structure. This is because you have not yet uploaded your index.html file to your LbGo account.

After you've created your Web pages, you'll need to upload them to your LbGo account so we can publish your Web site.

To upload your Web pages, you have three options:

  • Use an FTP client application such as WS_FTP or cuteFTP (for Windows users) or Fetch (for Macintosh users). Please see our FTP Publishing tutorials on how to upload your files to the LbGo servers using FTP.
  • Use LbGo's Site Manager. Our online site manager is basically an FTP client within a Web browser. The site manager can perform many of the file operations needed to manage a Web site. You can use it to navigate the directories of your Web site and to view a list of files. You can also copy, create, delete, chmod, edit, move and upload files, as well as create and delete subdirectories.
  • Many of the HTML publishing editors have built-in FTP capabilities. This means that you don't have to use a separate Web-authoring client and a separate FTP client. In other words, both components come packaged together. 

 3) Take a Look at Your New Web site!

After you've uploaded your index.html file to your main directory via one of the three ways described above, you can view your Web site by clicking the Web site link or .

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