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With more than one million members, the LbGo Network is a leading provider of free Web site hosting services for both personal and small businesses. Based in US, Europe, Middle East and Lebanon, LbGo is part of the Chakik Network.

LbGo offers free hosting on secure servers, Web marketing resources, and site management tools. We also offer expert advice, a small business resource center and a Web-based business marketplace.

 Our mission: To help you build and grow your online business

Make LbGo your home for business on the Web. We're committed to helping our members succeed online by providing the tools and services to develop profitable, high-quality Web sites. We provide free site hosting and free Web business resources.

 How are we different?

Our history -- founded in 2000, LbGo became part of the Chakik Network in 2000. We're one of the oldest free hosting communities on the Web in the middle East region.
Trusted by Web developers -- we offer advanced features for experienced Web developers, including the ability to use CGI and JavaScript. Many Web developers rely on LbGo to build multiple sites for their clients.
Comprehensive, integrated services -- we offer much more than free Web site hosting. LbGo provides easy-to-use site-building tools, small business resource centers and a growing Web marketplace. These services are integrated and managed by the same dedicated customer support team.

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What's New
Press Center

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